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lampada in ceramica quadro porcellana collana in ceramica lampada in ceramica Lampada ceramica


"RIFUGIO"cm 70 x 120 paper clay in porcellana su tela


"I live and work in Sperlonga,

an ancient village nestled in an enchanted landscape where myth, history and nature are living and active presence, where the culture of men born again from the forms of territory and by his encounter with the sea, the dominant element of these places.

The sea, in fact, is my inevitable reference and my great passion. I love to watch it in the multiplicity of its aspects and in its various nuances: the waves breaking on the shore of the infinite expanse of the horizon from the current turmoil stirred afternoon with calm soothing sunset and dawn, color changing water the changing of the tides, extraordinary synchronicity that moves me deeply.

Listening to the sound of the sea create shapes and figures that tell stories of sinuous waves and drops of color. Scents of sea disposal works that speak of primitive emotions, feelings can not be described. Watching the movements of the sea I think, finally, that the essential may be invisible to the eye, but visible to the soul. The sea, therefore, inspires my poetry, feeds my creativity and create my artwork.

Letting myself be guided by the 'simplicity' of the nature that surrounds me I picked up the essentials to conduct my technical and expressive: I joined with my hands the water to the ground, I modeled the shapes and volumes, I gave movement to the figures and their space, and I caressed the smooth surfaces and I painted it with the sun and wind.

The fire, finally, as if by magic, he completed the spell: the memory of the sea and the earth, the force of air and light, thought and feeling of the craftsman merged and took lives, their its artistic life, in the variety of shapes and colors created, bringing with them forever, the spirit of the place and the soul of one of his sons."

Emanuela Battista


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